Format for Personal Statement – Style Tips

Format for Personal StatementCompeting for a job or a scholarship is not easy, especially when you know there are a lot of applicants who are better and are more qualified than you. To get you through the job that everyone’s falling in line after, you need to follow a format of a personal statement which will be catchy. This means, you need to draw impression from the HR persons or the persons who have the authority in choosing the best applicant.

What format of a personal statement should you follow?

The format for personal statement that you can use to apply in either a job or a scholarship varies and, at times, depends upon your choice. Though this is something true, you should not forget that you are aiming to make the best. So, it’s better to use an efficient format of personal statement.

Now, what format of a personal statement should you use or follow? This post will let you learn about what you should and should not insert in your personal statement to make it attractive and more than just “acceptable” for its readers.

Which to Avoid and Consider In Using Format for Personal Statement

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  • follow instructions
  • parameters ranging from 10-12 point type
  • margins measuring an inch or less
  • include name on every page
  • align left (do not justify) using Times New Roman (safest)
  • use white paper (ordinary)
  • check grammar
  • learn how to use punctuations
  • do not write too long
  • write as if you are talking to the reader

Format for Personal StatementThese are summary of tips which you can use in your format for personal statement. These are the basic things you can do in order to get your format of a personal statement into the consideration of the management where you would send your application. Be natural when you write your statement and make sure to make it attractive. It means that you have to catch the attention of the reader by simply writing attractive introductions.

Remember, your main aim is to get the job or the scholarship. Thus, the format of personal statement should be the best.

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