Acceptable College Personal Statement Format

college-personal-statement-structureThe format for college admission essays is the prerequisite for incoming college students, who sometimes are forced to write a letter explaining low GPA. It is the most dreaded part of the whole application process since admission essay format for college is difficult to do. And the worst thing about writing an application essay that impropriates formatting is the most common reason of admission committees rejecting applicants paper. While this is true, a college application statement format can be viewed online for reference and guidance purposes. A sample of a correct admission essay for college application format is shown below. It will help you to learn the essential parts of college essays and improve your own writing of such papers.

College Application Statement Format Example

The best things in life are free. And for me that is a personal statement format

Everybody lives on a budget these days. But not me, I am given everything I need and more. But all that changed during my summer vacation at the farm.

I do love my grandparents; it’s just that I have not been to the farm in years so I dreaded the day that came when my parents brought me over to Gramps and Gran. We arrived quite early and I saw my grandparents at work already. It wasn’t still eight o’clock in the morning and I usually get up before lunch is served during vacations.

Someone’s calling my name, where am I? Oh, I am at the hillbilly farm. Gran said that we have to work together and now I have duties too! I have to get the eggs for breakfast, pick some ears of corn, lay down the dishes and then wash them after every meal. Also I am required to sweep the floor!

It took me time to adjust to life on the farm since I got dirty and my body ache at times. However it is a great place to be like any other. Life is not easy, and is what you make it. You have to adjust with all the highs and lows that life throws at you and learn how to survive.

college personal statement format
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The above example of an admission essay for college format shows good content since it gave precise details and engages the reader to peruse the document. Adhering to the college essay application format guidelines in writing the personal essay makes it more convenient for students to make an effective one.

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Application Essay Formatting

  • Make it as brief as possible. It’s difficult to read very long papers. So, your graduate school personal statement format limit should be 47 lines or 4000 characters including spaces.
  • Double recheck your capitalization. Impropriate capitalization makes you look uninterested in this specialty, faculty or college. So be sure you know the meaning of every abbreviation and how to write it correctly.
  • Avoid including bold, italic or underlined words. Using them making your paper unprofessional.
  • Recheck your paper for misspellings and grammar mistakes.  Errors in your essay will destroy all chances for successful entering the college.
  • Watch your language. Don’t let it be too formal or too friendly. You should find a golden mean. Imagine you writing to your school principal.
  • Let professionals help you. Personal statement writing services are experts in essay formatting. So, you may rely on their assistance.

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