Best Example of UCAS Personal Statement Paragraph Structure

college-personal-statement-structureA personal statement is your marketing statement and it is a vital part of your application that is why you need to do well on how to write your personal statement. You need to give the readers a positive impression of who you are. The personal statement for university application is useful service where you can find important information and help.

Personal Statement Paragraph Structure

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  • First paragraph: Describe general areas of research that interest you and explain. This will help the committee in determining to continue reading your paper.
  • Second and third paragraph: You should describe research projects that you worked on. Tell what you found, what you have learned and what
    approaches you did and tried.
  • Fourth paragraph: You tell why you need to the degree.
  • Fifth paragraph: Tell why you want to come to the university, whom you want to work with and what the university teach you.

Personal Statement Tips in Writing

  • UCAS Personal Statement Paragraph StructureBe concise
  • Be personal
  • Be individual
  • Set yourself from others
  • Proofread your paper

Personal Statement Closing Paragraph Example

To create a great UCAS personal statement paragraph structure, you need to know some examples in writing the closing paragraph.

Example of closing paragraph:

My ambition as of now is to enhance my knowledge in the field that I chose. I want to develop my accountancy skills that I still do not have. I believe that studying in your school help me in achieving my aims and to prepare me for a great future. Right now, I am looking forward to challenges of school life both mentally and socially. Finally, I can assure that I am a dedicated and capable student that has dedication and the commitment in finishing my chosen course at the same time to contribute greatly in your university.

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Example of closing paragraph:

I’m serious about education and actually looking to enroll a degree course which provides me the skill sets that prospective employer is looking for. My work experience, academic achievements as well as extra-curricular activities help me to become mature. I welcome the opportunity to become part of your university because I feel that I have the personal attributes, experience and key skills that make me a successful candidate.

There you have the structure, tips and example that will guide you in getting started writing your personal statement.

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