Endocrinology Personal Statement: Writing Tips, Examples, Format to Get Matched in 2019-2020

endocrinology personal statement

Endocrinology Fellowship Application in 2019 – 2020

Endocrinology is a very important branch of medicine and many doctors opt for fellowship in this field. If you want to get enrolled in endocrinology you need to complete the application in time and prepare an outstanding endocrine personal statement.

The procedure and timeline

The procedure starts almost a year before the actual training. Applications for the fellowship are invited through ERAS and the portal opens for registration and application submission in mid of the year. Applications are submitted in June and July. Usually, the interview starts in August and match day is in November. Endocrine fellowship application timeline 2019 will follow the same schedule.


Applications must accompany some documents. The list includes a CV, endocrinology personal statement, letters of recommendation, Dean’s letter, medical school transcript, and USMLE transcript.


Endocrinology is a competitive field. According to 2018 – 2019 data it was one of the top 5 competitive subspecialties. Other than your grades in the medical school, the personal statement for endocrinology fellowship is the most important document. If you want to improve your chances to get matched, you need to write a perfect personal statement.

10 Best Endocrinology Fellowship Programs

Different institutions offer fellowship in endocrinology. You can apply to any one of them according to your interest. Here is the list of best endocrinology fellowship programs, which you may find helpful.

  1. Duke University: it is considered the best institute for endocrinology fellowship. Duke University offers training and research opportunities to the fellows.
  2. Stanford University: A very competitive university for the endocrinology fellows.
  3. UC San Diego: the program is known for academic endocrinology. It is one of the ACGME accredited programs.
  4. Washington University: The university offers advanced training and research facilities to the endocrinology fellows.
  5. University of Pennsylvania: This university is known for endocrinology, diabetics and metabolism fellowship and research associated training.
  6. Massachusetts General Hospital: This program is also accredited with ACGME.
  7. Virginia University: Advanced research facilities are available in this university for the endocrinology fellows.
  8. Ohio State University:  The university offers a two-year fellowship to the students of endocrinology.
  9. University of Illinois Chicago: The university offer just three positions for endocrinology fellows.
  10. California Pacific Medical Center: Another top-ranked Institute for the endocrinology fellowship.

personal statement for endocrinology fellowship

Endocrinology Personal Statement Structure

The personal statement is important, and the structure of the personal statement is equally important. You need to write include your achievements and accomplishments to impress the selection committee. Endocrinology fellowship personal statement sample can help you to get some idea. You can divide your personal statement into 3-4 paragraphs. The introductory paragraph, body, and the conclusion. But make sure it is not more than a page or one and a half page at the most.

If you are confused about how to format personal statement, you need to treat it as a formal document. According to ERAS, use of bullets, numbering and align right is not allowed. However, you can use a hyperlink or align the text left. For correct ERAS personal statement formatting, write your statement on plain text applications like notepad. Otherwise, it may contain some formatting details which are not allowed.

endocrinology personal statement sample

Pitfalls of Writing Personal Statement for Endocrinology Fellowship

You must read endocrinology fellowship personal statement examples in order to avoid pitfalls. Usually, applicants are not aware of the formatting and content requirements and the result is a badly written personal statement. Here are some pitfalls, which you must avoid.

  • Don’t repeat the details from your CV. Your resume is attached to the application. Tell something about your personality and abilities, which is not mentioned in the resume.
  • Usually, students indulge in fancy writing. Instead of focusing on endocrine personal statement structure, they concentrate on their writing skills. Writing skills are important but the content is even more important.
  • Some applicants exaggerate about their achievements in medical school. You must avoid that. Be positive but don’t exaggerate.
  • Avoid the use of clinches. The selection committee is not interested in commonly used clinches. They want to read something original. Keep in mind that medicine personal statement structure should be like an essay, not an application or letter.

endocrine surgery personal statement

5 Rules for Successful Endocrinology Fellowship

If you want to make a fellowship match day 2019 a happy day of your life, you need to select the suitable fellowship program. You need to keep in mind that you cannot apply to all best endocrinology fellowships 2019. You have to shortlist your priorities according to your preferences. Here are the 5 rules for writing a successful endocrinology personal statement for fellowship.

  • Start preparing in advance: You need plenty of time to write this one-page document. Brainstorm your ideas, make an outline and write the first draft. Edit and proofread it many times.  Make sure the structure for a personal statement is the right one. All these require time, so start preparation well in advance.
  • Submit original personal statement: You can find plenty of examples, templates, and samples, but not copy them. Write your own original statement.
  • Tailor according to the subspecialty: You may be applying for more than one subspecialties. Tailor your personal statement for each. For instance, pediatric endocrinology fellowship personal statement will be different than endocrinology surgery personal statement.
  • Narrate it like an interesting story. Don’t tell about your abilities rather narrate them as incidents.
  • Edit and proofread it many times. You will find mistakes and errors every time. An error-free statement can help you to get enrolled.

Endocrinology personal statement is your ticket to your preferred program. Use examples for guidance and get yourself enrolled!