Best Example On University Personal Statement Structure

graduate-personal-statement-structureThe personal statement is your chance to sell yourself and it should be written comprehensively or written in response to specific questions. Either of the two, you need to deliver a magnificent personal statement that catches the attention of the readers.

Tips in Writing Uni Personal Statement

  • Tell a story: Tell story by demonstrating and showing your concrete experience.
  • Be specific: Tell why you want that degree and why did you choose to enroll it.
  • Concentrate on opening paragraph: In a university personal statement structure, opening paragraph is important. In this university personal statement structuresection, you need to grab the attention of the reader. It becomes the framework of your personal statement.
  • Tell what you know: In the middle section, it is where you tell about your experience and interest in particular field. You can refer to research, conversations, classes and other things.
  • Write well: Be meticulous and ensure to proofread your paper always.

How to Structure a Personal Statement for University

University Personal Statement StructureIn your personal statement, it must have an introductory paragraph, body and conclusion. In the introduction, it must described personal story about you. In the body, present your experiences and interest and the final paragraph will wrap up what you have discussed in your paper.

Personal Statement University Structure Example

Throughout my high school life, I was involved in numerous extracurricular activities. When I graduated, I received a gold medal as best combined academic achievements. As of now, I continue many activities such as debating.

I am excited to know of more about you and what I have earned in your university. I cannot say that I have lots experiences but I am proud to say that I earned lots of awards in my high school life. The awards that I had received help me to be more active and show of what I’ve got.

The time I graduated, I believe that debating helped me a lot because it changed me a lot. I believe that the skills I have in debating will be a big contribution to my success in legal career and in law school. I am looking forward to become part of your university.

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